Revised December 2018

1. Name
1.1 The name of the Club shall be FOOTLOOSE

2. Objectives of Footloose
2.1 To promote hill walking and related social activities amongst the members, primarily in Cumbria.
2.2 To act in relation to Footloose objectives on behalf of and in the interests of Footloose members.
2.3 Other activities may be promoted from time to time, provided they are approved by the committee, an AGM or an EGM.
2.4 Reflecting onerous changes to the Group’s insurance requirements for 2012, Footloose will cease to pay for general insurance with effect from the renewal date in 2013 but will maintain public liability insurance for the Group’s protection. See also 9.3 below.

3. Membership of Footloose
3.1 Membership shall be open to persons interested in hill walking and who agree to abide by the Constitution and Rules of Footloose.
3.2 Membership of Footloose shall only be open to individuals who recognize that hill walking and associated activities have a risk of personal injury or death. Members shall be deemed to be aware of and accept these risks and agree to be responsible for their own actions, clothing and equipment.
3.3 An AGM or EGM may confer honorary membership on long-standing members who have given considerable service to Footloose.

4. Management of Footloose
4.1 The management of Footloose shall be entrusted to the Footloose Committee, referred to as the “Committee”.

5. Officers of Footloose
5.1 The officers of Footloose, to be elected at the AGM, shall be a Chairman, Treasurer/Membership Secretary, Walks Programme Co-ordinator, Events Co-ordinator and Website Editor. From time to time such titles may be altered within the committee to meet current circumstances.
5.2 The office of Chairman shall be for election annually, normally for a maximum of 3 years. A second term at a subsequent election will be permitted if the members so decide.

6. Committee of Footloose
6.1 The Chairman of Footloose will normally chair all the meetings of the Committee.
6.2 Th e Committee shall be composed of the Officers of Footloose and may at its discretion co-opt up to two members to the Committee.
6.3 The Chairman or Treasurer/Membership Secretary shall be generally responsible for correspondence relating to the Group’s affairs, for announcing Committee meetings, and for the production and distribution of minutes from those meetings. Those officers shall also be responsible for announcing the AGM and shall give at least 10 clear days’ notice of such a meeting to all members. The Chairman or Treasurer/Membership Secretary shall also have identical responsibilities if a EGM is called. Items for inclusion should be submitted at least 15 days prior to the AGM or EGM. The Treasurer/Membership Secretary shall keep records about the Membership of Footloose.
6.4 The Chairman and Walks Programme Co-ordinator shall be responsible for arranging and distributing a programme of walks.
6.5 The Treasurer/Membership Secretary shall be responsible for the collection of subscriptions and will account for any other income and expenditure made on behalf of Footloose.
6.6 A quorum for a meeting of the Committee shall be three Committee members.

7. Annual General Meeting
7.1 The AGM will normally take place before the end of November or early December and will usually be combined with a walks planning meeting and a meal and any other relevant business agreed by the Committee.
7.2 The AGM shall receive reports, elect officers, determine subscriptions and approve any changes to the Constitution.
7.3 Decisions that require a vote of members shall be by a simple majority.

8. Extraordinary General Meeting
8.1 An Extraordinary General Meeting, an ‘EGM’, may be called by the Committee or by the request of not less than ten members of Footloose. An EGM shall have the power to take any decisions concerning Footloose including those that would normally be made at an AGM.

9. Rules of Footloose
9.1 The Committee shall have the power to set rules. Such rules shall be in accordance with the Footloose Constitution.
9.2 All members shall abide by the conditions of membership of Footloose. Membership may be withdrawn from any member who habitually or deliberately fails to abide by the conditions of membership, provided that such withdrawal of membership has the approval of the majority of Footloose officers. Any such withdrawal shall be subject to confirmation at the next AGM.
9.3 All members will be required to sign an annual disclaimer of liability form with their annual subscription to absolve the Club from any responsibility for their individual safety on membership activities.

10. Amendments to the Constitution of Footloose
10.1 This Constitution may be amended only with the consent of the two thirds of those members present at an AGM or EGM.

11. Dissolution of the Club
11.1 Footloose can be dissolved by a two thirds majority vote carried out in accordance with Articles 7 & 8, whereupon the Committee will arrange to discharge any assets equally amongst the Members whose subscriptions are fully paid for the year at that time. Any liabilities at the time of dissolution shall be the joint responsibility of all Members.