July 2022

Welcome to the latest news letter: the last one was published in February celebrating the end of Covid restrictions. At last we are almost back to normal.

The Walking Programme
This item is first on the letter because without the programme there would be no club. For a long time we have struggled with the different levels of ability the club, with some wanting easy walks and some more challenging events. Phil Walker who co-ordinates the walking programme wants to resolve the problem, but without a lot of help from the membership we won’t succeed. We would like to have circa 20 walks offered each quarter, catering for a variety of abilities. Each walk would need to offered with some flexibility in regard to the date it was scheduled for. Phil would then be able to select the walks for the quarter from those offered and ensure that we did not have a block of hard walks followed by a block of easy walks. The walks would be mixed in a balanced way. Hopefully this would improve member’s satisfaction with the programme.

Can you all get your thinking caps on and devise at least one walk that you will be able to offer to Phil, when he launches the programme for October – December later this year.

There is still one slot on the current walking programme not filled: the 4th Sept. If you have an idea for that date please get in touch with Phil at

The Committee and Chair

This year Sue Brearley, Ann Wilson and Derwent Donaldson will be relinquishing their roles on the committee. This means that the club will need a chairman, and at least one more member for the committee. Ann has agreed to continue to look after our web site.

The Constitution of the Club, states that there shall be five members of the committee: the Chairman, the Treasurer/Membership Secretary, Walk Programme Co-ordinator, Events Co-ordinator, and Website Editor. In addition the Committee may co-opt up to 2 additional members. Currently the committee membership is comprised of: John Davies, Sue Rigg, Jean Savage, all of whom have been co-opted and then elected by members. The other members of the committee are Phil Walker, Ann Wison, Tony Mayo, Norman French Sue Brearley and Derwent Donaldson. So there are 8 members in al.

Without a Committee and the work done by the members the club will cease to function. It is therefore important that new members be found. This appeal has been made before with limited success, but if you want the club to continue you should volunteer now. If you are unfamiliar with the ways in which the committee works you will be given every assistance by the current members, and the outgoing members will also remain in the club and be available until you are settled into your new role. Please contact the chairman when you decide you are interested (

Mull – April 2022
Some thirty of us went to Mull on the 23rd April, where we stayed at Arle Lodge. The accommodation was comfortable but not luxurious. We managed the catering for a large number by dividing into two catering groups with the members of each group taking turns to provide an evening meal for the group. This worked well.

Our trip coincided with a period of stable dry weather, which lasted the entire week. We were able to organise a variety of walks, cycle trips, and visits to Iona, finishing with a memorable meal on the last evening in Tobermory.

Special thanks are owed to John Davies who ably organised and managed the event, which the participants universally agreed very successful.

Forthcoming events
Summer Social
The Summer Social took place on Thursday 14th July at the Bowness Bay Brewery in Kendal. There was an opportunity to go round the brewery, or to take a historical walk in the Town. The walk finished with a drink at the Brewery Tap with salad and pizzas to accompany it. The event was organised by Jean Savage, who was unfortunately injured and unable to attend. Libby, and Sue Brearley stepped forward to take the reins to help with a very successful event. Jean is getting better and will soon be back with us. A big thank you is due to Jean and her team of helpers.
Isobel Williamson has offered to organise a repeat of last year’s bowling event later in the year. More details will be available soon.
Bamburgh Trip – 14th – 17th October
Thirty one of us will be staying at the Victoria Hotel in Bamburgh for this event. Additionally there are members with camper vans who will be staying nearby. As well as a walking programme we are exploring possibilities of visits to the Castle, the Farne Island and Lindisfarne as well as the potential of Alnwick and Berwick on Tweed. The event is fully subscribed, but if you would like to go on the reserve list please contact Sue Rigg (
Christmas Social
This year the social will be organised near Kendal, and we are hoping to book the Eagle and Child, for an event at the end of November or the first week in December. As usual we will organise a walk before a meal. After the meal we will have our AGM and a speaker on a topic of interest. We will have more details later in the year.
Spain 14th to 24th May 2023
Tony Mayo is organising an event in Spain in May next year. The trip will be based in two centres, Frigiliana, and Grazalema which is at a higher altitude, and is also surrounded by a nature reserve. In Frigiliana accommodation will be in either a hotel, or self catering in local houses. The trip is being organised in conjunction with John McCartney who lives in Frigiliana, and who we know well from our previous trips to Spain with Walk Andalucia. The event is fully subscribed but Tony will be keeping a reserve list. Contact him at at if you want to be added to that list.
Comments, observations, complaints?
If after reading this newsletter you have anything you wish to comment on please let me have your comment at

Derwent Donaldson